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20 Secrets to Improve Your Homes Value

On the Outside:
  1. Resurface the driveway
    and redo the walk so your home makes the right "cared-for" first impression.
  2. Install a new front door with brass fixtures to make your entry welcoming then pain or stain
    the door surround.
  3. Replace the garage door and install an automatic opener.
  4. Put in a new flower bed, green up the lawn, and replace any overgrown buses in front.
  5. Power wash your siding and deck, and repaint the trim or, if needed, the whole house.
  6. Consider sought-after double or triple-pane windows or storm windows and doors that keep the
    temperature indoors comfortable all year round.
  7. Install or upgrade porch and pole light fixtures to give your home a touch of elegance.
  8. Redo the roof and gutters to guard against hidden leaks.

On the Inside
  1. Repaint all interior walls using a neutral colour to make the whole house shine.
  2. Install new carpeting and vinyl or ceramic flooring.
  3. Refinish wood floors to give that "new house" look.
  4. Hang new chandeliers, recessed or track lighting to make pleasant rooms brilliant.
  5. Keep things cool with attractive ceiling fans
  6. Add elegance by replacing switch and outlet plates and register vents with shiny brass ones.
  7. Make over the kitchen, new counter tops, and appliances will help it sell. Today's buyers want
    a disposal and dishwasher, consider replacing or refacing cabinets to
    bring them up to date.
  8. Replace bathroom lighting, toilet seats, medicine cabinets an bathroom hardware to bring a sparkle
    that goes beyond clean.
  9. Update your home's energy efficiency, possibly with new furnace or additional insulation
    and new weather stripping so it cost less to operate.
  10. Install cable TV lines and an extra phone line to the best room for a home office - even if
    you don't need them - to upgrade your home's electronic capabilities.
  11. Reorganize and add closet shelves to make closets function better and appear more spacious.
  12. Buy that new living room sofa or family room furniture you planned for the new house to
    improve the look of the home you'll be selling.

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