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Benefit Now and Later

If you fix it up now, you - as well as your future buyer - will enjoy living with the market-smart improvements you've made. Don't forget to save your receipts, as some of these expenses may be used to decrease any capital gains taxes you may owe someday.

It's true "you've got to spend money to make money," especially when it comes to selling a home today. Call on me to make sure you spend it wisely in ways that really make a difference.

3 Big Reasons to Fix up Before you Sell:
"Why replace and update now, especially if we're serious about selling soon?" is a question I'm asked often.

First, because you'll increase both the value and the marketability of your home. Second, because many of these repairs would be required by the buyer or the buyer's home inspector anyway. Now's a better time to fix up than the last minute when you've got the sale of your home hanging in the balance. Third, you've now got the luxury of time and can seek out the best professionals to help with your projects.

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